Sagarmata Massage Services

Kamala Yonzon, Traditional Nepali Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master

Traditional Nepali Massage

Many retired and semi-retired people who feel uncomfortable about aspects of their body as they age may wish to consider the relief that Traditional Napali Massage provides.  These ancient massage techniques have proven to be especially effective for those who are in pain and healing or as an overall complement to their health care program.

For many, massage eases joint pain, relaxes muscles, and reduces swelling in the legs and feet.  It has also been proven to aid in diminishing cramping in the calves.  Massage eases stress, helps with lower back pain, and helps people to relax.

During recuperation, Traditional Nepali Massage eases the pain of recuperation and produces great calming effect on individuals, providing comfort and renewed strength.

The number of people seeking relief through massage therapy has increased dramatically.  Both Boeing and Reebok implemented massage therapy programs for their employees.  Since introducing the program, back pain, neck and shoulder pain and other symptoms were significantly reduced.  Absenteeism was lowered.

Kamala Yonzon is now based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


'Sagarmata', sometimes spelled 'Sagarmatha', is the Nepalese name for Mount Everest, meaning 'Great Mother'.