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Nepali Himalayan Handicrafts

Kamala Yonzon and Dam Chhoi have opened a store with a large selection of Napali Himalayan Handicrafts at 2918 West 4th Avenue Vancouver. 604-739-2954.

Nepali Baby Massage

What are the benefits for mother and baby?

Massage is effective in relieving the stress and related symptoms experienced be pregnant women and babies.

  • Highly effective in relieving colic symptoms.  Massage helps the baby's circulation and muscle tone.  Babies become more aware of their bodies and develop their sensory systems quicker.  Massage also helps the baby to be calm and relaxed.

  • Eases the mother's joint and muscle pain, cramping in the calves is diminished, and reduces overall swelling.

  • Helps the mother to relax during labour and eases lower back pain.

  • During labour, massage give relief and has a great calming effect.  Postpartum massage comforts and gives renewed strength to the mother.