Sagarmata Massage Services &

Nepali Himalayan Handicrafts

Kamala Yonzon and Dam Chhoi have opened a store with a large selection of Napali Himalayan Handicrafts at 2918 West 4th Avenue Vancouver. 604-739-2954.

Benefits of Traditional Nepali Massage

Some of the benefits for elderly people are a release from tightness in the shoulders, neck, back, and hips.  The massage for elders is very calming and will aid in the return of flexibility. Arthritis suffers can benefit from massage therapy.

Massage therapy is particularly good for relieving stress, back pain, and loosening muscle knots and cramps after doing any physical or hard work.  Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which is very good for circulation and blood flow.

Traditional Nepali Massage is beneficial for special needs and includes slowly opening the limbs to flexibility and helps in the learning of motor skills.  

Traditional Nepali Massage helps a great deal with sleep disorders.