Sagarmata Massage Services &

Nepali Himalayan Handicrafts

Kamala Yonzon and Dam Chhoi have opened a store with a large selection of Napali Himalayan Handicrafts at 2918 West 4th Avenue Vancouver. 604-739-2954.

Kamala Yonzon

Kamala Yonzon studied this art in her native land of Nepal where she was chosen by the village elders for this work.  She had four master teachers before starting her own practice.

She continued her practice in Kathmandu for many years before moving to Canada.  Now, after having three children, she is practicing her massage therapy and teaching others this ancient healing practice.

Kamala brings twenty-four years experience and a wealth of knowledge of traditional Nepali healing and massage practices.

Kamala Yonzon is now based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada